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In Jamaica our mission takes in everything from assisting the very poor to training future priests. Discover our story below and please donate if you are able.

A New Educational and Pastoral Mission

In 2017 a new chapter opened in the Dominican Order’s mission in the Caribbean when Archbishop Kenneth Richards invited the friars to assist in his efforts to empower and support a rising generation of Caribbean Catholics in Jamaica.

Dominican friars are now working at St Michael’s Theological College both to prepare a new generation of priests and deacons to serve the Church both in Jamaica and the wider region, and to assist in the formation and training of lay pastoral workers and catechists.

In addition, we support the preparation of the next generation of Catholic leaders in the Caribbean through our ministry to Catholic students at the Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies and our successful young leaders programme which continues to go from strength to strength.

We also strive to hand on the riches of the Catholic tradition to the next generation even in poor and marginalised communities marred by gun violence and gang warfare. Through our efforts to support the education of young people growing up in extremely challenging circumstances, we help marginalised young Catholics to find their voice in a world where clear thinking and powerful communication have never been so important, and so realise their potential as beloved children of God.

With your help, we can build the future

Any pastoral effort to support the empowerment of young people in Jamaica through education must contend with the harsh realities of poverty, hunger, violence, and family breakdown that confront so many of our children and youth.

As preachers of the Gospel, we offer our young Catholics another way: the path of discipleship, walking with Jesus Christ. But to care for the souls of our young people and children we must also address their more material needs.

To this end, we have launched an infant school in a community centre in one of the most violent districts of Kingston. This school aims to provide hungry children with not just a good education but also a good meal. With your support, we can offer small children the best possible start in life at a crucial moment in their personal development.

Current Projects

The following budgets estimate the expected costs of specific projects being undertaken by the friars, as examples of the needs we are trying to meet through fundraising.

Christ the King Basic School


Project: an infant school for children in a deprived area that also doubles as a feeding programme

  • Fencing (J$600,000)  £3,500
  • Asphalt for the playground (J$900,000)  £5,000
  • Computer Room for the use of older children (J$600,000)  £3,500
  • Two ladders (J$40,000)  £250
  • TV (J$50,000)  £300
  • Filing Cabinets (J$100,000)  £600
  • Office chairs (J$50,000)  £300

Total = £13,450


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