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The Syrophoenician woman teaches us to seek the Lord in any condition of our lives, trusting the Lord in admitting our

The Presentation narrative points us backwards and forwards in Scripture. Might this help us ponder its paradoxes?   Reading: Hebrews 2:14-18 The following

Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time. Fr Dermot Morrin meditates upon St Matthew's personal experience of Jesus. ‘You are the salt of

St Timothy was one of the first to hear the Gospel preached by St Paul, and went on to become

Fourth Sunday of the Year. Fr Robert Ombres unpacks the profound vision of the Beatitudes. Jesus is not promising ‘light squibs

The Priesthoood of all the Baptised and the Hierarchical Priesthood are participations in the priesthood of Christ but in different

Third Sunday of the Year. Fr John Patrick Kenrick reminds us of the universal call to preach. One of the many

Second Sunday of the Year. Fr Colin Carr notes that an authentic vision of humanity necessarily involves a sense of

The Baptism of the Lord. Fr Luke Doherty ponders the way in which the Spirit comes into our world through

Br Bede reflects on the influence of Pope Benedict XVI on his own spiritual journey. As a spiritually inquisitive 15-year-old, I

Solemnity of the Epiphany. Fr Richard Conrad reminds us that today's celebration is about much more than the visit of

Epiphany | How does the way we worship at Mass inform our understanding of our Lord's Epiphany? The student brothers

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