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Heavenly Harmony, Earthly Symphony – 6th Annual Conference of The Friends of Sophia, in Cambridge The 6th Annual Conference of The Friends

In its brevity, today’s Gospel summarises the whole Christian message: we receive through Jesus that experience of Love from which

Sixth Sunday of Easter. Fr Benjamin Earl preaches on the effects of the Spirit. Every Sunday at Mass we profess together

The martyrs teach us to fix our gaze on the cross, for it is there that we learn how to

Fifth Sunday of Easter. Fr Andrew Brookes finds consolation in the divine identity of Christ. ‘I am the Way, the Truth

Fourth Sunday of Easter. Fr Dominic Ryan preaches on the image of the Good Shepherd. Today’s gospel focuses on sheep and

Third Sunday of Easter. Fr Gregory Murphy considers how the resurrection opens our eyes to the truth. Luke’s story of Jesus

Second Sunday of Easter. Fr Peter Hunter ponders on the nature of faith, and of doubt. It is very difficult for

Easter Sunday. Fr John Farrell preaches on the readings of the Easter Vigil. We have travelled from a garden to a

Good Friday. Fr Matthew Jarvis finds that the Cross of Christ bring colour to the world. Thou hast conquered, O pale

Maundy Thursday. Fr Malcolm McMahon recalls his first experience of the Mass of the Lord's Supper. I remember when ‘foot-washing’ became

Palm Sunday. Fr Oliver Keenan take us on a journey through Bethphage. If you have an idle moment, you can wander

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