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Fr Albert Robertson is serving as assistant chaplain at St Albert's, Edinburgh.

The Solemnity of the Ascension. Br Albert Robertson suggests that the Ascension is more than 'happily ever after'. The Feast of

St Patrick's life was built on the conviction that the basis of preaching is found in the wonderful things God

The Gospel raises the stark challenge of our faith: we have to love Jesus, who comes to us each day

Twenty-Seventh Sunday of the Year. Br Albert Robertson preaches on original solitude and the vocation of humanity. The account of the

By Br Albert Elias Robertson, O.P | "We are not pawns or placeholders, simply holding the fort for the return of

By Br Albert Elias Robertson, O.P. | This Lent, the student brothers invite you to discover those places that have become

By Br Albert Elias Robertson, O.P. | In the first of our Thursday Gospel meditations of the term, Br Albert

By Br Albert Elias Robertson, O.P | On the Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord, and at the start of

By Br Albert Elias Robertson, O.P | In the first of our new series of reflections on the Thursday Gospel, Br

The Beatitudes | "To live an integrated life, to live a peaceful life, we must live a sacramental life." Br

The Beatitudes | The fourth meditation from our summer series on The Beatitudes: 'The Lord not only reveals to us what the world

By Br Albert Robertson, O.P | In this episode of Not Just Theologians, we speak with Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP, former Master

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