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The Development Office manages the fundraising and communications of the Dominican Friars in Britain. You can contact us on

With joy, the brothers announce the election of a new Prior Provincial, Fr Nicholas Paul Crowe OP, who was elected

Not many people are aware of the democratic nature of the Dominican Order, which operates in many ways like a

Dominican Retreat - Pilgrimage to Spain - Visiting the great Dominican houses of Castilla y Leon We are pleased to advertise

On Tuesday 13 February, a new series of lunchtime talks begins in the City of London. Hosted by CCLA investment managers,

What does God want you to do with your life? How do you know? In a new booklet published by the

Cambridge University Press (CUP) will publish New Blackfriars from January 2024, in partnership with the Dominican Friars. New Blackfriars, previously known

Christmas is a time when it is customary for Catholics to make a donation to support the priests who minister

Two short videos, recorded at the Province Assembly in Oxford on 19 December, provide an update on the friars' work

Our brother Fr Clifton Harris OP is visiting England this week, and this is a great opportunity for you to

On Saturday, Thomas-Therese Mannion OP was ordained priest, and Bede Mullens OP ordained deacon, in the packed church of Blackfriars

In a new book, Questioning God, launched on Thursday 6 July 2023, Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP enters into a fraternal

Fr Dermot Morrin OP, superior of St Albert's in Edinburgh, reflects on an inspirational new form of conference that brought

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