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fr. Richard Steenvoorde O.P. from the Netherlands undertook his novitiate year in Cambridge and his pre-ordination studies at Blackfriars, Oxford, as part of a collaboration between the Dutch and English provinces.

Have you ever noticed how in the Old Testament the contrasting behaviour between brothers is an important theme?  It all begins,

A couple of months ago, Brother Nicholas Crowe OP started in his role as Vocations Promoter for the English Province. In

What can we say about a brother who is as famous as St. Thomas Aquinas (1125-1274)?  Has not everything been said

There are some powerful themes that touch upon religious ideas in the 24th James Bond movie Spectre. In this review

I remember well the political uproar in my youth when a Dutch bishop stated that if someone was too poor

The story of saint John of Cologne O.P. (+1572) proves that you can become a saint by doing the right

I guess we all have come across charismatic people in our lives. It might have been in a personal encounter,

In this video, Br Richard Steenvoorde reflects on the Fourteenth Station of the Cross: Jesus is buried. Br Richard will lead

Wasn't Jesus just a good human person? Charismatic, prophetic, a bit too idealistic maybe, and politically a bit too crass? Upsetting

The other day, I attended a little concert of Oxford's most likeable wind quintet OULikeIt!. It was a wonderful occasion

Once upon a time, there was a lawyer. He thought he could test Jesus by asking a tricky question. Actually, it

"We are nearly there"; as a child, these were very comforting words, when sitting in the back of the car

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