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fr Simon Francis Gaine, former Regent of Studies of the English Province, holds the Servais Pinckaers Chair in Theological Anthropology and Ethics at the Angelicum University in Rome. He is the author of several books including 'Did the Saviour See the Father?' published by Bloomsbury in 2015.

The Solemnity of All Saints. Fr Simon Gaine preaches on the unity and variety found in the Communion of Saints. It

Second Sunday of Lent. Fr Simon Gaine preaches on Christ's transfiguration on the mountain. Even before he mentions Moses and Elijah,

Pentecost. Fr Simon Gaine exhorts us to embrace the Spirit of Forgiveness offered to us today.   Today’s feast marks a beginning,

Twenty Third Sunday of Ordinary Time (C)  |  Fr Simon Gaine sets out the priorities of human knowing and loving,

Second Sunday of Advent (C)  |  Fr Simon Gaine considers the manifold ways in which God has returned to mankind

Easter Sunday  |  Fr Simon Gaine exults in the good news of the Resurrection of Christ.  The resurrection of Jesus Christ

Fourteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time (A)  |  Fr Simon Gaine considers how we are tiny brothers and sisters of the Son

Twenty-Seventh Sunday of the Year (C)  |  Fr Simon Francis Gaine asks if our good works are deserving of praise

Fourth Sunday of Advent. Fr Simon Francis Gaine explains the significance of Christ's human body for our salvation. The Psalms of

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. fr Simon explains how Mary through her Motherhood shares in the life of her

Pentecost Sunday. Fr Simon When the Holy Spirit descends in our first reading, he does so with great drama. He is

Second Sunday of Lent. Fr Simon Gaine shows how the invitation to prayer received by the disciples on the mount

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