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Blackfriars JCR and MCR news - Hilary Term 2016

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Here is an update from some of the current JCR/MCR members.

Helping the homeless and refugees

Blackfriars’ JCR & MCR have forged links with the Companions of Malta – a student charity for the marginalised within the community which works together with various local Catholic and Anglican churches. As part of this relationship Blackfriars' students have taken over the organisation of some of the core work including a soup-run for the homeless in Oxford, which takes place twice weekly from here.

Additionally, over the last term, we raised £160 for the Jesuit Refugee Service through various fundraising events. Although we are a small student body, we are contributing our bit and hopefully in the future both the JCR & MCR will get more involved in service of the local community and in raising money for charity. 

Words of encouragement - and offers of support - are most welcome. Please contact the JCR / MCR president, Will Kent:

Student Journalism

Jayde Rose is a visiting student from the USA who is studying History and Politics at Blackfriars and writes for the Oxford Student Newspaper. 

She writes: 

"The Oxford Student newspaper is the most widely produced publication run by students. Each week emails are sent out to student writers for each of the different sections of the newspaper with commissions. Students then submit pieces to the editors who determine what will go in print.

"I've enjoyed myself very much getting to know the unique and energetic students who keep the paper going and have had articles published in the Travel, Fashion, and Political sections. 

"In particular I appreciated being approached for my perspective on Oxford as both a University and city as a visiting student. I was able to write a sizable article detailing my first mishaps and explorations around the city and share my view as someone new and from the outside. It has been a very positive experience that has allowed me to get involved at the University quickly and in an engaging way."



Mehmet Ciftci is a diploma student in Theology who recently had one of his papers accepted for publication. 

"Earlier this year I was very happy to receive an email from the editor of the New Blackfriars Journal informing me that a paper I had submitted had been accepted for publication. Entitled 'Saint Augustine and the Theological Critique of Ideology', in which I use ideas of John Milbank to articulate a theological conception of ideology.

"I analyse and criticise the work of a prominent contemporary philosophy called Slavoj Zizek. It is due to appear online, after which it will be included in the print edition of the journal. This will be the second article of mine to be published in the New Blackfriars, the first being “Liberation theology: a comparative study of Christian and Islamic approaches” [96: 1064, pp. 489–506, July 2015]. I am currently studying a postgraduate diploma in theology and I hope to remain in Oxford to do an MPhil in Christian ethics, before embarking on a PhD and then, if all goes well, academia!"

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