Great Dominicans: Savonarola


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Savonarola was a Dominican friar who lived at a time when the Church had a great power and influence in

St. Antoninus Pierozzi was called Antonino – little Anthony – by his contemporaries because of his diminutive stature. He may

If you were told of someone, aged twenty-five, twice-widowed, who had lost all seven of her children before their teenage

It reads almost like a Disney film script, with a bit more religion thrown in. But is the tale too

Peter Cambiano was born in Chieri, in Piedmont, in 1320. He was drawn to the Dominicans by his devotion to

It is not surprising that the Order of Preachers has historically been the home to men renowned and remembered for

The Fourteenth Century Dominican, Henry Suso, is one of a trinity of famous Dominican “Founding Fathers” of German Mysticism, a

Bernard Gui, or Bernard Guidoni was born in 1261 in Royères, France, and is one of the more well known

“God is there and I talk to Him a lot!” Fr. Richard Ounsworth OP confessed to me. For a while,

I recently interviewed Peter Harries OP after the end of our Provincial Assembly in December 2015 in Oxford. Originally from

Blessed Jane of Orvieto was born in Italy in 1264. Jane was a lay Dominican, visionary and prophet, known for

If you like Dominicans and good red wines then there are two very good reasons to visit Montepulciano. Situated on

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