Catholic Social Teaching: International Issues

Catholic Social Teaching

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On international issues, Catholic Social Teaching is fundamentally concerned with solidarity for the common good. It acknowledges the interdependence between

Christians are not the only ones who can claim ownership over the values that form the basis of the right

When the Catholic Church discusses environmental questions she often speaks about the Stewardship of Creation, God has put man over

Education is one of the most important human rights. Given that one of its basic aims is the full development

“Sharing in the joys and hopes, sorrows and anxieties of the people of every age, the Church has constantly accompanied

“Never discuss religion and politics”, they say. So one would appear to be straying into dangerous territory in seeking to

As Christians, we are hopeful of the establishment of God's kingdom and that his will is done on earth, as

Britain has been on general election footing since the start of the year. The political parties and media outlets are

"Your country is well known for its firm commitment to equality of opportunity for all members of society. Yet as