Councils of Faith: Vatican II (1962-65)

Councils of Faith

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The 21st and most recent Ecumenical Council of the Church held its formal sessions in St Peter’s Basilica in the

Unlike Trent and Vatican II, those two great councils that have radically shaped the Catholicism of the modern world, the

Back in June, Br Gustave noted that just a matter of months after the end of Lateran V, Martin Luther

The Fifth Lateran Council (1512-1517) happened in the sixteenth century before another important council, Trent. However, there is a considerable

There have been a number of times when there have been two or more people claiming to be the valid

Pope Francis’ decision to gather an advisory body of Cardinals from all over the world has prompted much discussion in

Having completed our journey through Lent and Eastertide, we return now to the subject we’ve been looking at during this

The Fourth Lateran Council (November 1215) represents a high-point in ecclesiastical governance in the Middle Ages. It is also of

Our series on the Ecumenical councils of the Church here on Godzdogz has so far been dominated by the controversies

This council was centred around whether Photius ought, or ought not, to be Patriarch of Constantinople.  It involved clear political

The question of the use of images in the worship of God is one which pre-dates the coming of Christ:

Those who find that the Church uses highly complicated theological words to define her dogmas might not know much about

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