Uniformity and Diversity in the One Church

Gospel Reflection

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Our Lord calls us to be One Church, as the Triune God is One. True unity among Christians, then, requires

Mark’s Gospel is written to tell the story not only of Jesus in his own life, but of our lives

How does the mute man's speech relate to the unity of the Kingdom?   Reading: Luke 11:14-23 The following homily was preached to

The prophet Jeremiah curses the one who puts his trust in man, and blesses the one who puts his trust

We celebrate the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter every year, but do we know what it is that

Thursday after Ash Wednesday. Br Augustine thinks Lent, like Christmas, is a season of giving. How do they differ and

If Israel has priority in eating the bread of the word of God, how can Jesus simultaneously feed the Gentiles?

The Scriptures seem to highlight a connection between preaching and evangelical poverty. Br Jerome reflects on why a life of

As he is on the road to Damascus, God intervenes dramatically in St Paul's life. It might make one wonder:

The friendship of David and Jonathan offers an image of God’s free and totally personal love for each of us

We finish the liturgical year with a warning, preparing us now for the moment when we will see God face-to-face. Reading:

In today's Gospel, Jesus weeps over Jerusalem. Our Lord's tears have a special significance for those with a Dominican vocation.   Reading:Luke

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