Litany of Loreto – Queen …

Litany of Loreto

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The title 'queen' occurs more often in the Book of Esther than in any other text of the Bible. Some

Here we have a title that does not contain doctrine that needs unpacking, or symbolism that needs uncovering, or biblical

In Dostoevsky's classic work The Brothers Karamazov there is a brilliant exploration of the problem of evil and suffering. In

Mary stands by her Son not only in the moments

St. Simon Stock call Mary "the medicine of sinners" but is it all a bit too much to call Mary

From ancient times we have looked in wonder upon the stars and other ‘heavenly bodies’, and used them, fruitfully, to

The history of the covenant between God and man begins in the very first book of the Bible. After the

'The holy Virgin is in truth an ark, wrought with gold both within and without, that has received the whole

In around 64 AD, the emperor Nero built himself an astoundingly lavish palace in the centre of Rome, the 'Domus

Strangely, in its modern usage the term 'ivory tower' has come to designate the esoteric and impractical ponderings of scholars

The scriptural basis for this Marian title is Song of Songs 4:4, ‘Your neck is the Tower of David, built

Writing this on St Valentine's Day it is impossible not to recall that of all the flowers it is the

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