The Year of Paul, 29 June 2008-2009

Pauline year

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Godzdogz celebrated the Year of Saint Paul in a number of ways. There was a post to introduce the year

St. Paul mostly uses the concept of zeal or eagerness in a negative way perhaps because he associates it with

Although St Paul faced many challenges and had to make many difficult decisions during his ministry, it is a sign

Paul's mission is to bring about the obedience of faith among all the nations (Acts 9:15; Rom 1:5; 15:18;

Often in our world, we might be tempted to flaunt our achievements or consider ourselves self-sufficient; in our CVs we

Paul uses the term 'victory' in just one context, at the end of 1 Corinthians 15. This is a long

Paul is remembered for his argumentativeness (see Paul A-Z: Quarreling) and at the same time a concern with unity is

The Letters of Paul to both Timothy and Titus are know as the 'Pastoral Epistles'. If we read them carefully,

Before his conversion to Christianity, Saint Paul must have been very aware of Christian claims about Jesus. He no

The central message of Christianity is of our God who died, suffered the pain of death as we suffer it,

St Paul was something of a feisty character, and was not unaccustomed to becoming involved in argument. We know that

Is there not a deep irony in the fact that God chose a Pharisee to be the apostle to the

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