Quodlibet 41 – “That we be delivered from eternal damnation”


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Quodlibets | We pray in the Roman Canon of the Mass: “command that we be delivered from eternal damnation”. A

Quodlibets | A famous actor recently said you do not have to be religious to be a good person; religion

Quodlibets | A series of questions on what might be missed after taking vows, keeping in touch, and evangelising the young. What elements

Quodlibets | I have difficulties believing in angels. Sometimes I feel people speak about their Guardian Angels when the Spirit is

Quodlibets | The Student Brothers are resuming a series in which they respond to readers' own questions.  It was customary in

One Godzdogz reader recently sent in an email including many fascinating questions on the topic of Eternity, especially in terms

I pondered this question for a few days over the Christmas break, and in the end decided that I really

The laws of identity and non-contradiction say that a being, at any given moment, is either X or Y, not

We have been asked to explain the differences between the Dominicans and Franciscans. Brother Andrew Brookes writes as follows in

I was wondering if you could explain why St Thomas' feast was moved from 7th March to 28th January.

A Godzdogz reader asks about the connections between the theological and the cardinal virtues. Before answering this question, it's helpful to

Godzdogz has received a range of questions about the form and colour of the Dominican habit, when and how it

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