What the Rosary means to me – 18

What the Rosary means to me

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My first impressions of the Rosary were not overwhelmingly positive: from the outside, the

When I grew up, the prayer of the Rosary was compulsory to all of us at home. My brother and

My earliest memory of the Rosary comes from family gatherings and holidays. My grandfather would sit all of us around

As a Christian, I think the Rosary has universal value. I like how it is simple enough for anyone to

For me the rosary is an allegory of hearing and responding to the message of Our Lord and living the

In a very beautiful poem Gerard Manley Hopkins SJ says that Mary had this one work to do: let all

Thinking back, I can remember saying the rosary with my family as a young boy. The attempt of my mother

As a young child I was taken, by family living in the west of Ireland, to Our Lady’s Shrine at

What I love most about the Rosary is the depth contained in such a simple structure. Those three

When I was growing up in the south of Ireland the rosary, as a form of private and communal prayer,

As someone who was preparing to be received into the Church, the Rosary fascinated me. I grew up in a

When I think about the Rosary I am taken back to my childhood. My mother taught me how to

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