Great Dominicans: Bl. Jane of Orvieto

Great Dominicans

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Blessed Jane of Orvieto was born in Italy in 1264. Jane was a lay Dominican, visionary and prophet, known for

If you like Dominicans and good red wines then there are two very good reasons to visit Montepulciano. Situated on

A native from Provence in the South of France, Robert d'Uzes was probably born in 1263. He joined the Dominican

What can we say about a brother who is as famous as St. Thomas Aquinas (1125-1274)?  Has not everything been said

St Albert is said to have been one of the last people to have known everything that was known in

In the Fundamental Constitutions of the Friars of the Order of Preachers, we read that “the Order of Friars Preachers

Innocent V, born in 1225, joined the Dominican Order when he was sixteen years old and, after a routine Dominican

When a great legal mind and a deeply pastoral heart come together, something special is bound to happen. Raymond of Penyafort

Hugh of Saint-Cher was, quite literally, one of the most eminent of the early Dominicans. Born in France he went

The saintly Dominican, Blessed Sadoc, along with his companions, were some of the earliest martyrs of the Dominican Order. Blessed

Saint Hyacinth was born around 1185 to a noble family and was one of the younger sons of Count Eustace,

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