He Looks Down on the Earth

Lent - 1st Sunday

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First Sunday of Lent. Fr David Goodill takes us from Eden to the Cross, by way of a high mountain. Last

First Sunday of Lent. Fr Denis Geraghty preaches on the temptations of Christ. Luke 4:1-12 is a splendid opening for the

First Sunday of Lent. Fr Bruno Clifton considers why we should do penance. Our weekly meetings in the Edinburgh University Inter-religious

First Sunday of Lent. Fr Dominic Ryan invites us to follow Christ into the wilderness. At its most basic, Christian life

First Sunday of Lent. Fr Robert Ombres relates the temptations of Christ to the traditional penitential exercises of Lent. There is

First Sunday of Lent. Fr Brendan Slevin suggests that we allow the Spirit to drive us out into the wilderness. Where

First Sunday of Lent. Fr Richard Ounsworth explains why Lent is truly a 'joyful season'. The first Preface for Masses of

First Sunday of Lent. Fr Austin Milner preaches on Jesus' resistance to temptation, made by him on our behalf. On this

First Sunday of Lent. Fr Columba Ryan preaches on the commitment signified by the season of Lent. With the arrival of

First Sunday of Lent. Fr Martin Ganeri preaches on the temptations at our creation and our recreation. On the Cross love was

First Sunday of Lent. Fr Mark O'Brien preaches on the three temptations of Christ and the temptations that face us. At first

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