Burning with Zeal


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Third Sunday of Lent. Fr Benedict Jonak considers the role of emotions in Christ's life, and in ours. From the little

Second Sunday of Lent. Fr David Goodill finds parallels between the Transfiguration and the sacraments of the Church. In On the

First Sunday of Lent. Fr Dominic White encourages us to follow the rainbow this Lent. Lent didn’t get off to an

Ash Wednesday. Fr Leon Pereira invites us to imitate Our Lady as Lent begins. Every Friday evening as Sabbath begins in

Sixth Sunday of the Year. Fr Joseph Bailham preaches on the importance, and the dangers, of barriers. At the theatre recently—one

Fifth Sunday of the Year. Fr Nicholas Paul Crowe notices that not all of Christ's miracles are big and dramatic. Most

Fourth Sunday of the Year. Fr Richard Finn finds great contemporary relevance in the way Christ's ministry begins. What a start!

Third Sunday of the Year. Fr Peter Harries ponders how we can share in Christ's mininstry of preaching repentance. In today’s

Second Sunday of the Year. Fr Benjamin Earl encourages us to heed the call to discipleship. It has long been fashionable

The Epiphany of the Lord. Fr Thomas Mannion suggests how we can imitate the Magi, and also the star of

The Feast of the Holy Family. Fr Andrew Brookes ponders the significance of what did and what did not happen

Christmas. Fr Peter Hunter reminds us that the story of Christmas makes demands upon those who hear it. There is a

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