Not Just for Christmas


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First Sunday of Advent. Fr Toby Lees encourages us to make Advent the time when we finally emerge into the

The Solemnity of Christ the King. Fr David Rocks preaches on the turn of the year. In celebrating the Solemnity of

Thirty-third Sunday of the Year. Fr John O'Connor preaches on being prepared to be unprepared. Jesus understood that sometimes careful planning

Thirty-second Sunday of the Year. Fr Richard Joseph Ounsworth encourages us to let our hope exceed our imagination. One of my

The Solemnity of All Saints. Fr Benedict Jonak suggests that happiness is not to be found in techniques, but in

Thirty-first Sunday of the Year. Fr David Goodill suggests that God's mercy offers us an invitation to share in his

Thirtieth Sunday of the Year. Fr Dominic White invites us to engage imaginatively in the exercise of mercy. Just imagine. You’re

Twenty-ninth Sunday of the Year. Fr Nicholas Crowe reminds us that prayer is our weapon against every enemy. We heard in

Twenty-eighth Sunday of the Year. Fr Leon Pereira warns against an inauthentic kind of Christianity. In medieval art, the devil is

Twenty-Seventh Sunday of the Year. Fr Richard Finn notes that the scriptures acknowledge the depth of human suffering before offering

Twenty-Sixth Sunday of the Year. Fr Joseph Bailham warns us not to be distracted by the desire for a quiet

Twenty-Fifth Sunday of the Year. Br Thomas Thérèse Mannion suggests that our attitude to wealth is related to our acceptance of salvation. The

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