The Creative Judge


Torch provides a new Catholic homily each week written specially for this web site by Dominican friars, and read by followers worldwide. Read more.

Fourth Sunday of Lent. Fr Simon Gaine reminds us that judgement should be something not to fear but to long

Third Sunday of Lent. Even Fr Richard Joseph Ounsworth finds that the British stiff upper lip has its limits. We are

Second Sunday of Lent. Fr Gregory Pearson ponders on the appearance of the transfiguration story in this Lenten season. What is

First Sunday of Lent. Fr Leo Edgar suggests that our Lenten preparation can be aided by our certain confidence in

Ash Wednesday. Fr Bruno Clifton suggests that we make this Lent a time of preparation for celebration and for justice. A

Seventh Sunday of the Year. Fr Albert Robertson ponders the dangers of fighting evil with evil. It might strike us as

Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time. Fr Martin Ganeri relates the Wisdom of God to the teachings of Christ. But we impart

Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time. Fr Dermot Morrin meditates upon St Matthew's personal experience of Jesus. ‘You are the salt of

Fourth Sunday of the Year. Fr Robert Ombres unpacks the profound vision of the Beatitudes. Jesus is not promising ‘light squibs

Third Sunday of the Year. Fr John Patrick Kenrick reminds us of the universal call to preach. One of the many

Second Sunday of the Year. Fr Colin Carr notes that an authentic vision of humanity necessarily involves a sense of

The Baptism of the Lord. Fr Luke Doherty ponders the way in which the Spirit comes into our world through

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