Into the Darkness

Easter - 5th Sunday

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Fifth Sunday of Easter. Fr Dermot Morrin preaches on ultimate love. When Judas had gone out, it was night. Judas walked

Fifth Sunday of Easter. Fr Peter Harries preaches on the image of the vine and the branches. I am the true

Fifth Sunday of Easter (C)  |  Deacon Luke Doherty ponders what will happen to the created world in the universal resurrection

Fifth Sunday of Easter (B)  |  Fr Dominic Ryan asks what it might entail for us, the vines, to be

Fifth Sunday of Easter (A)  |  Fr Martin Ganeri looks to the destination of the Christian's journey, and considers the

Fifth Week of Easter. fr David Goodill suggests how the relationship between Jesus Christ and the Father transforms our humanity. At

Fifth Sunday of Easter. fr Gregory reflects on how the love and mercy of God reach into our lives as

Fifth Sunday of Easter. Fr Benjamin Earl invites us to imagine a Church made of living stones. Christ tells us in

Fifth Sunday of Easter. Fr Richard Ounsworth helps us to see how the death of Christ transforms death itself. Someone once

Fifth Sunday of Easter. Fr John O'Connor preaches on the extraordinary experience, and the extraordinary zeal, of Saint Paul. In the Acts

Fifth Sunday of Easter. Fr Dominic White is not a fundamentalist. None of us would wish to be called a religious

Fifth Sunday of Easter. Fr David Barrins contrasts the way of Judas and the way of Christ. In the Gospel for

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