Repent, Believe, Preach

Lent - 1st Sunday

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First Sunday of Lent. Fr Gregory Pearson preaches on the need to conform ourselves to Christ. On Wednesday, as we began

First Sunday of Lent (A)  |  Br Samuel Burke surveys our battleplan for Lent. Lent can be thought of as battle!

First Sunday of Lent (C)  |  Deacon Andrew Brookes says that Lent can be a desert experience in which we

First Sunday in Lent Year B  |  Fr Martin Ganeri on how Lent makes real for us the fullness of

First Sunday of Lent (A)  |  Fr Robert Verrill considers the Enemy that we conquer with the grace and example

First Sunday of Lent. fr Matthew Jarvis shows us how to follow the example of Jesus Christ in this season

First Sunday of Lent. fr Anthony provides us with a reflection on the need to be honest about our need

First Sunday of Lent. Fr Dominic Ryan shows us how to make sense of the story of Christ's temptation in

First Sunday of Lent. Fr John O'Connor uses a comparison from the works of John Le Carré, to show how we

First Sunday of Lent. Fr Gregory Murphy finds the poetry in Lent.  What's in a name? In Spanish, the name for

First Sunday of Lent. Fr David Goodill takes us from Eden to the Cross, by way of a high mountain. Last

First Sunday of Lent. Fr Denis Geraghty preaches on the temptations of Christ. Luke 4:1-12 is a splendid opening for the

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