A New Deed


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Fifth Sunday of Lent. Fr. Aelred Connelly preaches on our new freedom in Christ. 'See, I am doing a new deed,

Fourth Sunday of Lent (Laetare Sunday). Fr Colin Carr preaches on the parable of the prodigal son. Jesus got into trouble.

Second Sunday of Lent. Fr Simon Gaine preaches on Paul's words to the Phillippians. 'Our commonwealth is in heaven', writes St

First Sunday of Lent. Fr Mark O'Brien preaches on the three temptations of Christ and the temptations that face us. At first

Ash Wednesday. Fr Clement Paul exhorts us to remember this Lent who we are before God. The Season of Lent begins

Eighth Sunday of the Year. Fr Martin Ganeri preaches on the disharmony between who we are and what we say. 'A good

Seventh Sunday of the Year. Fr David McLean preaches on our Lord's teaching that we should love those who do

Sixth Sunday of the Year. Fr Gordian Marshall preaches on the preaching of Jesus. Suffering, loneliness, illness are things that nobody

Fifth Sunday of the Year. Fr Isidore Clarke preaches on the Lord's call of Isaiah and Simon Peter. A church or

Fourth Sunday of the Year. Fr Vivian Boland preaches a homily for the fourth Sunday of the year. Why did things

Third Sunday of the Year. Fr John Orme Mills preaches a homily for the third Sunday of the year. Imagine what it

Feast of the Holy Family. Fr Robert Ombres preaches a homily for the feast of the Holy Family, which the