The Breath of God

Solemnity - Pentecost

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Pentecost Sunday. Fr Joseph Bailham preaches on the creative sighing of God. An image I often come back to in my

Pentecost. Fr Bruno Clifton offers a fresh understanding of the link between today's Solemnity and the story of Babel. In many

Pentecost Sunday. Fr Timothy Radcliffe considers the Christian vocation in the light of today's feast. Soon after we were born, we

Pentecost. Fr Simon Gaine exhorts us to embrace the Spirit of Forgiveness offered to us today.   Today’s feast marks a beginning,

Pentecost Sunday (C)  |  Fr Colin Carr invites us to make room for the God who seeks to make his

Pentecost Sunday (B)  |  Fr Lawrence Lew rejoices in the Gift that God wants to give us to lead us into

Pentecost Sunday  |  Fr Richard Conrad explains the images associated with the Holy Spirit to show that he is vital

Second Sunday of Advent (A)  |  Fr Matthew Jarvis urges us not to underestimate the Holy Spirit but to follow

Pentecost Sunday. fr David Rocks explains how Pentecost is the gateway to Eternity. Fifty days have passed since Easter. Days of

Pentecost Sunday. fr Nicholas tells us how Jesus Christ creates peace among us. Today we celebrate the completion of the paschal

Pentecost Sunday. Fr Fergus Kerr shows us how the Holy Spirit gives birth to the Church, shapes the Church and

Pentecost Sunday. Fr Simon When the Holy Spirit descends in our first reading, he does so with great drama. He is

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