The Life of Virtue – A Look Back at Justice


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We are half-way through our series on the life of virtue and so far we have had one post on

Aristotle alerts us to this difficulty about knowledge, that there is nothing apart from individual things and yet knowledge

Liberality – the virtue concerned with the right use of money (and, by extension, material goods) – seems like a

One of the most frequent criticisms northerners direct at London and the south is that the people are so cold

Veritas or truth is one of the mottos of the Order of Preachers and one which goes to the very

When we hear the word Vindication, or Vengeance, virtue is probably not the first thing we would think of to

Whilst most people would agree that we should be grateful for the good things we have received, thanking someone is

Dominicans only make one public vow when they make profession, and that is the vow of obedience. This is because

The virtue of dulia, or honour, is concerned with recognising excellence. For Aristotle, it was only right that people

If religion is the virtue that enables us to be 'just' towards God, and piety is the virtue that enables

If religion is the virtue of giving God his due then what, we might ask, is piety? This is a

Modern English usage seems to have lost the distinction between a ‘vow’ and an ‘oath’. Often these words are used

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