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In 1901, in response to an appeal from the Archbishop of Trinidad, who was an Irish Dominican called Vincent Flood, the English Dominicans agreed to take charge of a vicariate on the island of Grenada.
For over a century, English Dominicans have been serving in the Church in the Caribbean in parishes, schools, chaplaincies, seminaries, and caring for the poor and oppressed. In 2002, a former prior of the Rosary Priory, fr Vincent Darius OP was appointed as the first Grenadian-born bishop of St George’s, the capital of Grenada.

Hurricane Ivan

In September 2004, the priory and church was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan, and with help from benefactors both in the Caribbean and throughout the Order, the Rosary Priory was rebuilt. After several years of fund-raising, a new church in Roxborough was raised. It was consecrated in January 2011, and its presence stands as a witness to our continued mission in Grenada and other islands of the Caribbean.

Black Rock, Barbados

The Catholic Church has been present in Barbados since 1839. The Provincial Vicariate of St Louis Bertrand was established in 1901, and the Dominicans maintain a presence in Barbados through their involvement in parish ministry.
There are currently about 11,000 Roman Catholics in the island. In the early and mid-twentieth century, the Catholic Church was bolstered by immigration from Guyana, Dominica, St. Lucia, and by Syrian and Lebanese Christians from Trinidad. It is expanding slowly through natural growth and a small number of converts. Our Lady, Queen of the Universe, is patroness of Barbados.


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