Blackfriars Summer Fair

Blackfriars Summer Fair

You might think that moving the customary Blackfriars Easter Fair to a later date, and calling it the Blackfriars Summer Fair, would increase the chances of warm, sunny weather; at least, until the faltering start to the British summer this year threatened to wreck such hopes. In the end – praise God! – the summer came back just in time. So it was, following the 9.30 Family Mass last Sunday, that the fun began.

First the food…

…but then a dilemma: so many stalls, so little time.

Finding our bearings…

…to locate the pirate hideout.
Then some target practice…

…before punishing several friars in the stocks…
(that’s a wet sponge, not a piece of cheese)

And for those seeking a more civilised celebration, there were cakes and refreshments in the refectory.

Thank you to all who gave generously of their time and effort to make the event such a success. Let’s hope the summer stays with us a little while yet!

Matthew Jarvis OP

Fr Matthew Jarvis is currently studying Patristics at the Catholic University of Lyon.