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Built on the four pillars of our Dominican life – preaching, prayer, study, and community – Godzdogz offers many resources for exploring the Catholic Faith today.
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Blackfriars Overseas Aid Trust (BOAT) – AGM 2014

Wednesday, May 07, 2014
The Christian gospel is not just something which affects our personal and family lives. It also sends us out into the world to bring healing and hope. Charitable giving should be a central plank in our spiritual lives as a 'corporal work of mercy' (along with prayer and fasting). As Pope Francis never ceases to remind us, we are in solidarity with the poor; we cannot stand aloof and think that another person's suffering is not our problem. Of course, we cannot help everyone all the time, but we must do what we can. Read more

Catholic Social Teaching: Health

Tuesday, May 06, 2014
“Sharing in the joys and hopes, sorrows and anxieties of the people of every age, the Church has constantly accompanied and sustained humanity in its struggle against pain and its commitment to improve health. At the same time, she has striven to reveal to mankind the meaning of suffering and the riches of the Redemption brought by Christ the Saviour.” (WDS 2000). Whilst in many countries the vast majority of healthcare is now provided by ‘secular’ institutions, the structures and pattern of Western medical and nursing care nonetheless remain imprinted by this legacy of centuries of Christian healthcare ministry. Read more

Our Lady of Częstochowa, Queen of Poland

Saturday, May 03, 2014
Our Lady of Częstochowa
Devotion to Mary, the Mother of God has had a special place in the Catholic faith in Poland. The most important Polish Marian shrine, where is the famous icon of Our Lady, is Częstochowa, called also Jasna Góra (Bright Mountain). The origin of this image is unknown with absolute certainty. It is a typical painting of Byzantine tradtion dating from 6th - 9th century. Nevertheless according to legend the icon was painted by St. Luke on a cedar table top from the house of the Holy Family. It was brought from Jerusalem to Constantinople and then from Constantinople to Red Ruthenia (Western Ukraine). The icon came to Jasna Góra in 1382 when Władysław (Ladislaus), Duke of Opole, had seen it at the castle of Bełz and acquired it. The image was already treated with great reverence and honoured. The Prince left the icon under the protection of the Pauline Fathers (Order of Saint Paul the First Hermit) whom he had brought to Częstochowa from Hungary. In 1430 took place a sacrilegious attack and the icon was demaged. It was carefully restored and repaired, but the marks left by the sword slashes could not be completely removed and two scars can still be seen on the right check of the Madonna. Read more

Installation of Archbishop Malcolm McMahon OP as Archbishop of Liverpool

Friday, May 02, 2014
Yesterday, on the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker, Dominican Friars from across the Province flocked to Liverpool to join our brother, +Malcolm McMahon OP, for his installation as the ninth Archbishop of Liverpool. It was a very happy occasion for the Dominican family to celebrate his appointment and offer prayers for him and the Archdiocese of Liverpool as they embark upon a new mission. Read more

Catholic Social Teaching: Economic Justice and the Dignity of the Worker

Thursday, May 01, 2014
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