Fra Angelico: an illustrated talk

Fra Angelico: an illustrated talk

Today is the feast of Blessed John of Fiesole OP, better known as Fra Angelico. This Dominican friar and painter lived in 14th-century Italy and his works are easily among the most beautiful creations of the early Renaissance. As one would expect of a friar preacher, they are also theologically profound.

Recently, Dr Nicholas Gendle gave an illustrated talk on Fra Angelico, at the medieval church of St Giles just a stone’s throw from Blackfriars, Oxford. You can watch it here:

That talk is part of a series, hosted by the parish of St Giles, entitled Dominican Spirituality: to learn Christ’s truth and pass it on. The talks are held on Thursday lunchtimes, 12.30pm, in St Giles’ Parish Rooms. The remaining talks are:

20 February – St Catherine of Siena: Compassion and Mysticism (Fr Robert Ombres OP)
27 February – Meister Eckhart (Fr Carsten Barwasser OP)
6 March – St Thomas Aquinas: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially Wisdom (Fr Richard Conrad OP)

Finally, on 13 March, 12.30pm, there will be a tour of the Dominican Priory and Church, Blackfriars, and Midday Prayer with the friars, led by the Prior, Fr John O’Connor OP,.

If you would like to see any of the past talks, you can find the links to the videos here. At the end of the series, we will post a full list for easy access.

Blessed Fra Angelico, pray for us.

The Annunciation, by Fra Angelico OP

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