God Matters? Tricky Teachings and Difficult Doctrines

God Matters? Tricky Teachings and Difficult Doctrines

Following the success of last year’s series, the God Matters free talks are back! This year, the focus will be on Tricky Teachings and Difficult Doctrines. The talks are an opportunity for all people – Catholics, other Christians, people of other religions or none – to understand Catholicism better and to discuss these contentious topics in a free and open way. We want to reach as wide an audience as possible, so if you are thinking of coming, please bring a friend along with you!

Details are on the poster above, which you are encouraged to distribute as widely as possible. In brief, the talks will be at Blackfriars, Oxford, on consecutive Tuesdays from 11th February to 18th March, 8pm-9.30pm. The format will be the same as last year: a short talk by a Dominican friar or sister, time for refreshments and informal discussion, then a question and answer session with the speaker. And it’s all free!

The topics include the doctrines of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory; bioethical issues about life and death; the role of women in the Church; the Virgin Mary; and the subject of sex and marriage. But these topics will surely raise other questions, too, and that is why there will be a wide-ranging panel discussion in the final Q&A session. If you have a burning question to ask, please send it in to the God Matters address:

If you cannot easily make it to Oxford, rest assured that the talks will be videoed and put online (watch this space!). The discussions and QA sessions, however, will not be recorded. So do come along in person if you are able. And bring a friend!

The Godzdogz team consists of student brothers studying at Blackfriars Studium in Oxford.