Godzdogz in November

Godzdogz in November

During the month of November we will have two regular features. As it is the month in which there is an emphasis on remembering the dead, we will have four obituaries of friars of the English province, remembering men who died 10, 20, 30 and 40 years ago.

We will also have a series on the O Lumen, one of the antiphons to St Dominic. This one was normally sung at the end of Compline and we will be offering a meditation on each phrase of it.

Watch out also for regular features such as ‘Saints this Month’ and ‘Vocation Stories’, as well as ‘Fruits of Study’, the latter a new series in which the student brothers will share something of what they are discovering through their tutorial work and lecture courses.

And there will undoubtedly be other, quirkier, posts along the way, about food, animals, pop music, films, etc., etc., etc.

The Godzdogz team consists of student brothers studying at Blackfriars Studium in Oxford.