Litany of Loreto – Morning Star

Litany of Loreto – Morning Star

From ancient times we have looked in wonder upon the stars and other ‘heavenly bodies’, and used them, fruitfully, to guide us. In a world of growth and decay, the heavens seem to be enduring and unchanging, celestial constants suspended above an ever-changing world. Against the dark sky of night they shine bright and hold their steady, unchanging course. It is little wonder then, that in our awe and fascination for such things, and in our knowledge of their usefulness in safely guiding us, that we would employ their titles analogously to highlight the enduring qualities of Our Lady and Our Blessed Lord.

The Morning Star has always been a sign of the coming day. With it we know that the shades of night are soon to vanish; as such it is the herald of the coming day when we will once again feel the warmth of the sun and be able to see our way more clearly. Our Lady, as the Morning Star, goes ahead of Christ to announce the coming of His Light. Her loving purpose is to prepare the way for Our Lord and reflect His glory: “I am the root and the descendant of David, the bright morning star” (Rev 22:16). In reflecting the glory of the Lord, the title Morning Star, is truly apposite for this ‘star’ is not really a star at all, but the planet Venus. As such, it shines not of itself but reflects he brightness of the sun, just as Mary reflects the brightness and glory of Our Lord.

Our Lady then, as the Morning Star, precedes the Son whose radiance she reflects and by her presence she announces His coming. It is thus fitting to reflect upon just how Mary reflects this glory so that we can try to emulate her as a pattern of holiness. We should always be mindful of her presence in showing us the way to the Lord and let ourselves be so guided by her to Him. Ad Iesum per Mariam.

Graham Hunt OP