By Br Albert Robertson, O.PIn this episode of Not Just Theologians, we speak with Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP, former Master of the Dominican Order and itinerant preacher, about his love of novels. 


Dominican life has always encouraged a healthy eclecticism and a zeal for the peculiar; a living out of St Paul’s maxim to “take every thought captive” for Christ. Not just Theologians is a new series in which we will explore some of these peculiar pursuits and passions of the friars, to see where a mind in pursuit of truth might be led.

In this fourth episode, we speak with Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP, a former Master of the Dominican Order and now itinerant preacher, on his love of novels, touching on books from nineteenth century Russia to modern day Nigeria.



Br Albert Elias was born in Surrey and went to university at the London School of Economics, where he read Social Anthropology before going to Oxford, where he read for an MPhil in Material Anthropology. After studies, he had a propaedeutic year in three Anglican parishes in north London. He became a Catholic in 2013 and worked for a short time in London living at St Patrick’s Soho before entering the noviciate in 2015. Br Albert helps to run the Thomistic Institute and so has an interest in promoting the theology of St Thomas as well as Patristics. In his spare time he likes to read novels [lots].