Last night the Lady Chapel of St. Dominic’s hosted an event like no other event it has hosted before! Teenagers from around the Parish joined us for a night of Prayer, Praise and Pizza. After a time of prayer and praise led by an excellent worship band, Fr Irenaeus Vincent OP gave an inimitable and rousing interactive sermon, for which the young people demonstrated their appreciation with a round of applause!

Pray4 Banner incorporating prayer intentions

The Band warm up
After prayer and praise, the promised pizza was provided in the parish hall, where the young people collaborated with a Friar DJ to introduce the other brethren to a range of popular ‘choons’.  

Praise and Worship in a contemporary style…
We are now looking forward to the final weekend of our Pray4 mission. Today brothers will be manning a stall on Queen’s Crescent Market; this evening promises an opportunity to develop our dancing skills at the parochial Ceidlidh. Tomorrow the mission reaches its source and summit in the Solemn Celebration of Sunday Mass, at which Fr Richard Ounsworth OP (editor of Godzdogz) will preach.

Our Lady, carried in procession around Gospel Oak last Sunday, has remained in the Sanctuary all week.

Oliver James Keenan OP

fr. Oliver is Master of Students of the English Province, teaches dogmatic theology at Blackfriars, Oxford, and has recently been appointed Director of the Aquinas Institute.