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The Sorrowful Mysteries

Friday, February 29, 2008
Christ carrying the Cross
I remember as a child picking up a book on the mysteries of the Rosary, and seeing the wonderful pictures that went with each decade. I still have that book today, and is still part of my rosary. I remember looking at the Sorrowful mysteries and thinking how cruel people were to Jesus. In times of trouble in my life when I had felt down I would take a decade of the sorrowful mysteries, in this case the “Carrying of the Cross,” and remind myself that everyone has a cross to bear, I’m not alone, even Jesus had a burden all through his passion. Even today I feel the same, when times are tough, I still take that decade and remind myself that I am not alone. Yet I still search for someone to help me carry that cross, which digs so firmly into me. I still look for someone to ease the pain of the weight of my burden. Even though my friends and family are nearby to listen to me, it is always this decade that helps me lift my cross and helps me move on with a lighter load. It is here that I find Christ carrying my cross with me. Let the sorrowful mysteries help you carry your burden, but also maybe you can help someone carry theirs. These mysteries are a road we must take to overcome our suffering and be with Christ on his cross, for it there that we find our salvation.


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