What the Rosary means to me … 5

What the Rosary means to me … 5


I close my eyes and I reach for the beads. I squeeze the sharp edges of the Crucifix in the palm of my hands, as I try to remember once again what that means for me. The love that was poured out on that day was for me, and that love fills me. I kiss that symbol, I unite myself to that love, and I begin my journey with the Sign of the Cross.

I make this journey very frequently, and I pass by the same way. Sometimes it is joyful, other times it is sorrowful. It is always illumined by the light of His love, and it always radiates a particular glory. And through times of joy and of sorrow, through times of glory and of pain, the gentle fragrance of His love, the love of the Cross embraces all that I am and all that I will be.

I follow the circle of beads, and the chain that binds these simple beads to the simple crucifix binds me firmer and deeper in that which completes me, that which redeems me.


fr David Edward Rocks OP recently completed his term as Parish Priest of Holy Cross, Leicester.