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Building commences at our Cambridge priory

Monday, December 14, 2015

The construction of the new disabled-access lift for our Cambridge priory has now finally started, and is picking up speed. 

The pit has been excavated in front of the priory, and the foundations are now laid. At this stage there are some minor delays as we need to divert electricity supply cables and telephone lines, but the project is still running on time, with the projected completion date being late March next year. Then we look forward to being able to welcome to our first-floor chapel those who currently find it difficult or impossible to worship with us!

Many thanks to our supporters, donor and well-wishers. We have raised an amazing £136,000 to date, against a target of £150,000. (If you would like to help us achieve the final amount, you can use the online giving form below.)

We wish all our friends a very blessed Advent and a happy Christmas!

Online Giving Form for the Cambridge Lift Project


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