Friars To Host Requiem For King Richard III

Friars To Host Requiem For King Richard III

The Dominican Friars’ Parish in Leicester will host several liturgical events to mark the re-interment of the king.

As part of the ceremonies marking the re-interment of King Richard III, Cardinal Vincent Nichols will celebrate Mass for the repose of the soul of Richard III in Holy Cross Church, Leicester.
There will also be a second Requiem the following day. 

On Monday 23rd March 2015, just three days before Richard III is re-interred in Leicester Cathedral (the mediaeval Catholic parish church of Leicester), Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster, will celebrate Mass for the repose of his soul in Holy Cross Church, the current Catholic parish church and Dominican priory in Leicester city centre. 

In order that as many people as possible can be accommodated safely and the liturgy celebrated in a dignified manner, admission to this Mass will be by ticket only; the ballot for tickets is now closed, and successful applicants will be notified within the next few days. 

The following day, Tuesday 24th Marchat 4pm, Mass will again be offered for the same intention in Holy Cross Church by the Dominican friars .

This Mass will be open to the public, and no tickets are required

After Mass, the friars will process through the city centre to Leicester Cathedral, where they will sing Vespers, the Catholic Church’s evening service, at 5.30pm.

Mgr Thomas McGovern, the Diocesan Administrator of the Diocese of Nottingham, said: 

“We very much look forward to welcoming Cardinal Nichols to Leicester this month for the Mass which he will celebrate in Holy Cross Church in advance of the re-interment of Richard III, one of the last Catholic kings of England, in the city in which he was buried in 1485.”


Father David Rocks OP, Prior and Parish Priest of Holy Cross Priory, said: 

“The Dominicans of Holy Cross Priory are looking forward to welcoming people from across the world to our beautiful church during the week when Richard III will be re-interred here in Leicester. 
“More people than we could have ever hoped for have been in touch to ask for tickets for the Mass which Cardinal Nichols will celebrate on Monday 23rd March, which is why we are pleased to announce another celebration of Mass on Tuesday 24th March, before the friars depart for Leicester Cathedral to sing Vespers in the presence of the mortal remains of Richard III. No tickets will be required for this Mass, and everyone is welcome to come along.”


Visit the Holy Cross website for more information.

Source: Diocese of Nottingham, Independent Catholic News.

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  • A Website Visitor

    Thanks be to God; for the celebration of Mass for the repose of Richard III’s soul in Holy Cross Church.

  • A Website Visitor

    The requiem mass for Richard III is not a tourist event. It’s a mass for the soul of a man, probably like most of us, a mixture of good and bad. I think he tried to do his best for his kingdom but some of the means may be brought into question. We need to pray for him. Strange to think that he was buried just a few yards from where I studied “O” level Biology many years ago.

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