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Movers and Shakers in the English Province

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Recent success in fundraising for the Training Fund allows us to support both the initial and the ongoing further studies of our brethren. Here is a brief list of those who have just completed or are about to embark on a course of studies. Please remember them in your prayers.

  • Ordained as priests last year, Frs Oliver Keenan and Matthew Jarvis have completed their studies in Oxford and move to our priories in London and Leicester respectively.
  • Brs Samuel Burke and Toby Lees leave Oxford for a time to continue their ministerial studies in Rome.
  • Br Rafael Jiminez (of the Rosary Province) has completed a year at Blackfriars Oxford and moves to Rome for further study; Fr Gregory Schnakenberg also leaves Oxford for the USA where he will finish his Oxford doctorate, on Humbert of Romans.
  • Fr Lawrence Lew has now completed his studies in Washington D.C. and has been assigned to our London priory, while Fr Gregory Pearson heads for Rome to study Canon Law.
  • And finally, our current novices will take their simple vows in September and move from Cambridge to Oxford to begin their ministerial studies, being replaced, we hope, by four new novices for the English Province!

 All donations you make to the Training Fund support the friars of our Province in the lifelong studies which are the mainstay of Dominican life and ministry.


Bernard Looney commented on 10-Jul-2017 12:20 PM
Very many thanks to Fr Gregory Pearson for all his work in London. Vrry much appreciated. We will pray for him.

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