Remember the Dominicans

Remember the Dominicans

Did you know that the Dominican friars in Britain rely on gifts in Wills for nearly a third of their voluntary income? 

Without these legacies, many essential works would not have been possible over recent years, such as the recent roof and stonework repairs to Blackfriars, Oxford, or the installation of new windows at our priory in Cambridge.

Making a gift in your Will to the Dominican friars allows you to make an enduring difference to the Dominicans and the people they serve. Legacy gifts are typically used by the friars to pay for big-ticket items such as building repairs, or laid down as capital funds that will provide an ongoing investment income to support the friars’ work.

As one friar says, it is very fitting that our benefactors’ “bricks and mortar” (most legacies come from the sale of a house) effectively get turned into the bricks and mortar of one of our priories, or laid down as a foundation for the future.

If you would like more information on how to remember the Dominicans in your Will, visit the following page:

Making a gift in your Will to the Dominicans

The Development Office manages the fundraising and communications of the Dominican Friars in Britain. You can contact us on

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  • Tim Charles

    Having moved to Norfolk, I miss coming into Blackfriars from Bicester. I was received into the church by Gareth Moore in 1989 and my daughter, Claire, was baptised by Fergus Kerr. Many contrats to the newly ordained. Glad to see things are still going strong


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