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Jubilee Prayer 2021

O Lord our God, Creator of the world, Giver of life. Eight hundred years ago, it pleased you to receive St Dominic into eternity, and to establish the Holy Preaching in Britain. O Spem miram!  YOU are the wonderful HOPE, promised by Dominic, as our constant Companion, in the holy endeavour of spreading and growing Your WORD, over lands, across the sea, beyond the horizons of our vision. As we celebrate the double Jubilee of the dies natalis of St Dominic into eternal life and the Sacra Praedicatio in Britain, feed us and fill us with a double portion of the SPIRIT,

so that we may experience a new Pentecost – a renewed proclamation of the ‘mighty acts of God’ and rekindled commitment to our mission for the ‘salvation of souls’. Bless our brothers and sisters and the entire Dominican ­Family in England, Scotland and Wales with health, happiness and holiness. Lead them to ever serve your people. Gather them all to Yourself, in praise and thanks eternal. Through Mary’s plea; in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

fr. Gerard Francisco Timoner III, OP, Master of the Order. Sta Sabina, Rome.
15 March 2021