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About Torch

Torch seeks to share inspiring Catholic preaching from the Dominican Friars.

We publish a homily for every Sunday of the year to fit with the readings at Mass, plus additional sermons on other important liturgical days.

We include a full index of our previous homilies indexed by liturgical day, so you can easily find preaching for that day.

Why ‘Torch’?

Tradition holds that when pregnant with her son Dominic, Blessed Jane of Aza had a vision of a dog running around the whole world, a blazing torch in its mouth.

The son became the founder of the Order of Preachers, and the prophetic dream was fulfilled as the Dominican friars took the light of the gospel throughout the world. They became known as the “Dogs of the Lord” – in Latin, the domini canes – after their founder and in accordance with his mother’s vision.

So today, Torch uses the same image as a symbol of the purifying light of the gospel that should burn in our hearts and enlighten those to whom we are sent to preach.