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1. General support

General Support - We will assign your gift to our areas of greatest need.

This is the best option for general-purpose donations to the Friars.

2. Specific funds

  1. Training Fund - meeting the costs of training new Friars
  2. Chaplaincies Fund - pastoral work with students
  3. Online Apostolate - help fund this website

3. Local Communities of Friars - help specific Houses of our Province

4. Preserving and enhancing the churches in our care

  1. Cambridge Priory - e.g. chapel renovations
  2. Leicester Holy Cross Church - e.g. overhaul of the parish centre
  3. London St Dominic's Church, the Rosary Shrine - ongoing renovations and improvements
  4. Oxford Priory - ongoing maintenance costs

5. Supporting Blackfriars Hall, Oxford

The work we do here is essential for allowing the Catholic faith to engage intellectually in the increasingly secular world of Higher Education.

However, Blackfriars Hall is run on a lot of goodwill and needs a boost of funding to put it on a firmer footing for the future.

You can support the Hall or one of its associated Institutes:

  • The Las Casas Institute for Social Justice
  • The Aquinas Institute for Philosophy and Theology
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Bringing Light to the Darkness

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Bringing Light to the DarknessFr Lawrence Lew OP introduces the new Rosary Garden recently opened at the Rosary Shrine in north London Read more

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