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Our Funding Needs

Dominican friars give up all personal property at their solemn profession. The generous support provided by lay people has always been essential to our mission.

Here are the details of our most important needs at this time.

General Support

The financial situation of the Province and its various priories is often precarious.

Until recent years, any major needs for funds, such as urgent building works, were met by selling off our buildings.

But since 2012, our strategy has changed, and we are now seeking to fundraise in order to sustain and develop our work.

Your gift for general support will be directed by us to the areas of greatest need.

£800,000 per year

Support our Local Missions

Each of our priories has a unique mission. Your donation will assist the work they do.


Blackfriars, Oxford, is a Dominican priory hosting

  • Blackfriars Hall: an Oxford University hall – for study and research
  • The Studium: a centre for clergy training – for several religious orders
  • A vibrant congregation of Mass-goers

Blackfriars’ 800th Anniversary Campaign is currently seeking to build our next century of mission in Oxford.
We are prioritising funding for

  • scholarships, to assist able students to study with us
  • paid posts for those who train priests
  • maintaining and developing our buildings

Donations needed of all sizes!


St Dominic’s, Haverstock Hill, is a large parish in north London and now the diocesan Shrine of the Holy Rosary.

The ‘Future Decades’ campaign is seeking to restore the beautiful interior of this huge church, and create the best environment for parishioners and pilgrims alike.

£2m needed to achieve our goals


Blackfriars, Cambridge, is the home of the Province’s noviciate. Your gifts sustain the daily life of the priory so that we can provide a welcoming home for our novices and Massgoers.

£60,000 needed each year


Holy Cross Priory is a large city-centre parish. We are fundraising for our parish, the needs of the priory community, and the new Frassati Centre as a focus for our mission to the local people of Leicester.

£800,000 needed


St Albert’s is a parish deeply involved in chaplaincy ministry to the three universities of Edinburgh. Our award-winning chapel offers a reflective and prayerful space for both regulars and occasional visitors. Your gift will help sustain this mission.

over £110,000 needed each year

Other Province Needs

  • University Chaplaincies Fund – ministry to students and academic
  • St Martin’s Missions – serving the people of the Caribbean
  • Training Fund – supporting the initial and ongoing formation of the friars