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Third Sunday of Advent. Fr Euan Marley considers the relationship between vision and speech. Seeing and speaking may seem quite different

How must a Christian brag? St Edmund Campion gives his witness. Reading: Luke 9:23-26 The following homily was preached to the student

Fr Gregory Pearson OP reports on the recent General Chapter. Dominicans from around the world came together for three weeks in

Second Sunday of Advent. Fr Robert Verrill invites us to embrace true hope, not blind optimism. If you’re a natural optimist,

Available now online and in our churches from this weekend, the new issue of The Dominicans magazine features updates on

The perspective of the coming of the Lord, both on the Last Day and in our earthly life, can be

First Sunday of Advent. Fr Toby Lees encourages us to make Advent the time when we finally emerge into the

"For Christ had compassion upon the Jews, who wills that all men should be saved. Which had not been plain

The Solemnity of Christ the King. Fr David Rocks preaches on the turn of the year. In celebrating the Solemnity of

St Paul's letter to Philemon reminds us of our dignity as children of God. Therefore, we should also take care

Thirty-third Sunday of the Year. Fr John O'Connor preaches on being prepared to be unprepared. Jesus understood that sometimes careful planning

Sung Rosary composed for the Province’s 800th Jubilee Two years ago the Province’s Jubilee Commission commissioned friars Dominic White and Rudolf

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