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The Scriptures seem to highlight a connection between preaching and evangelical poverty. Br Jerome reflects on why a life of

Fifth Sunday of the Year. Fr Nicholas Paul Crowe notices that not all of Christ's miracles are big and dramatic. Most

As he is on the road to Damascus, God intervenes dramatically in St Paul's life. It might make one wonder:

Fourth Sunday of the Year. Fr Richard Finn finds great contemporary relevance in the way Christ's ministry begins. What a start!

Br Reginald shares his memories and some photos of a week spent with the student brothers of the Province of

What does God want you to do with your life? How do you know? In a new booklet published by the

The friendship of David and Jonathan offers an image of God’s free and totally personal love for each of us

Third Sunday of the Year. Fr Peter Harries ponders how we can share in Christ's mininstry of preaching repentance. In today’s

About the day Catholics attend Mass every Sunday and major feast day. Some attend every day. It is a liturgical celebration

Second Sunday of the Year. Fr Benjamin Earl encourages us to heed the call to discipleship. It has long been fashionable

The Epiphany of the Lord. Fr Thomas Mannion suggests how we can imitate the Magi, and also the star of

The Feast of the Holy Family. Fr Andrew Brookes ponders the significance of what did and what did not happen

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