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Lent Week 4 Monday - The Joy and Gladness of Life

Monday, March 23, 2009

The phrases, “life’s not fair” and “life is tough” are not without warrant. These things are said because in the realest of real worlds we must take the rough with the smooth. That is our knowledge through experience, and that is the way it has always been. But the Prophet Isaiah promises something different: “No more will the sound of weeping or the sound of cries be heard.” Life will be abundant, and God and his people rejoice. No more will the past impede on the loving covenant between God and his people. This is the great summit of faith, hope and charity: of such a joyous communion with God and one another so that life is abundant. Yet it seems we cannot have it now. We still have to live with the rough and the smooth.

Once upon a time there was a court official who knew all about the rough and the smooth. His son was gravely ill. Within him, he felt deep desolation watching his son dying. Are we not promised life to the full? Cannot God rescue this young life? Lord, show us a sign of your love. In that desolation, we need a sign of the promised life and joy. But in Him, in Jesus, the promise is already being fulfilled, so there is no need for signs: “Your son will live” (John 4:50).

We already share in the fullness of life through our union with the Son. How can life be tough when we have such joy? The fullness of life is ours: we can endure the rough with the smooth. Because we are destined to rejoice in the eternity of life with God.


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