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The Second Mystery of Light - The Wedding at Cana

Monday, February 25, 2008

One of our brethren once told me that as a child he was always more frightened of Our Lady than of God. For this brother, Mary was very much the one watching over us, ready to rebuke. This account in the Gospel is quite a special one, which has attracted much reflection through the centuries, and been the subject for many artists, commentators and writers. The wedding feast at Cana is one of a small number of Gospel accounts where we have words that express directly something about the relationship between Jesus and his mother Mary, an insight into the love between a mother and her son. The message of this passage is often summarised by the words 'Do whatever he tells you'.

So why include such a Mystery in the Rosary? Well, it expresses a tender relationship between Jesus and his mother. And it shows us in particular Mary's role as the one who presents our needs to Jesus, and how powerful Our Lady's intercession is. But what is also shown is the place that Jesus should have in our lives. As Dominicans, we make Profession of obedience to God first of all, but also to Blessed Mary. By doing so we undertake that we will be obedient to the Mother of Jesus, who tells us that we should do whatever Jesus tells us to do. Obedience to Christ is a fundamental part of being a Christian. This obedience is the way by which we may be lead ever deeper into the life giving mysteries of God. In contemplating this mystery with Mary, we are given an example of Christian discipleship, and a reminder of the importance of Our Lady as the one who points beyond herself, guiding us to her Son.


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