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A God who loses Himself ...

Thursday, December 07, 2006
Thursday 1 of Advent - 7 December 2006

Readings: Isaiah 26:1-6; Psalm 117; Matthew 7:21,24-27

You know … rushing from shop to shop with the shopping list in one's hand, looking for the right Christmas cards, one can easily feel lost. The cities are so busy these days. Everybody has plenty of things to do. However, no one of my old friends shall be forgotten (well, actually I haven’t seen some of them for ages) they are all written down on my list and, of course, all members of the family, too.

Rushing from shop to shop I suddenly became aware that He knows about them all. And He knows about my feeling lost. Because He lost himself. Soon, very soon we will see him lying in a manger, the creator of the earth. He gave everything he had; he gave even his life. And sparkling like that star of Bethlehem he shows: some day we will rest, some day we will be with him … in the Glory of the Father.

Rushing from shop to shop I calm down, stand still and look around. Holding the Christmas cards in my hand, I discover that I have become part of the self- giving love of my God, who knows about it all …


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