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Built on the four pillars of our Dominican life – preaching, prayer, study, and community – Godzdogz offers many resources for exploring the Catholic Faith today. Read more.

The key to unlock shut up hearts, to save souls, is Jesus Christ. Christ and his Church are one. When

News | Below you can find the reflections preached during our Advent Retreat (17th-23rd December) by each of the student

News | The student brothers invite you to join our Sung Compline and Preaching, following the traditional 'O Antiphons' that mark

By Br Bede Mullens, OP | ‘What does it profit me that Christ was born of the Virgin, if he is not

By Br Albert Elias Robertson, O.P. | Br Albert reflects on the Solemnity of Christ the King. Anyone with even a

Gaudete Sunday, the day when priests all around the world exclaim: ‘It’s rose, not pink’, when, yet another parishioner, or

As our holy father Dominic lay dying, he addressed his brothers saying ‘Do not weep, for I shall be more

The heart is the centre of life, and each minute of our life is made possible by the beating of

This Sunday, Br Luke Doherty, O.P., reflects on the Gospel this Sunday on the Prodigal Son.

If you were to draw up two columns and in the first write down your major priorities in life and

Today Br Joseph Bailham, O.P., offers a video reflection on this Gaudete Sunday for the Brentwood Catholic Youth Service (BCYS),

Today’s gospel opens with a beatitude and ends with a warning: but which one is addressed to us? Readings are located

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