Quodlibet 20 – The Rosary

Quodlibet 20 – The Rosary

A Godzdogz reader asks –

What is the current practice that Dominicans have with the Rosary? Is there an official postion that the Dominican Order has taken on the Luminous Mysteries?

A Dominican Friar is required by the constitutions of the Order to say five decades of the rosary a day, either in common with the rest of his community, or alone. In addition, we are required to say five decades a week for the souls of our deceased brothers, sisters, friends of the Order, and benefactors. I tend to punctuate my day with a decade whenever I take a break from work, but other brothers have different routines.

As far as I am aware the Order has no official position on the Luminous Mysteries. These were introduced as a ‘suggestion’ by Pope John Paul II who hoped to renew the rosary and encourage more people to take up the devotion by emphasising the Christocentric nature of the prayer. Whether a community or individual Friar chooses to meditate on these mysteries is their own decision.

Nicholas Crowe OP

Fr Nicholas Crowe is currently studying for an STL in moral theology at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland.